Museum in Battambang

Battambang Museum

This small and rather dusty museum displays a trove of fine Angkorian lintels and statuary from all over Battambang Province, including pieces from Prasat Banan and Sneng. Signs are in Khmer, English and French.A ma…
Gallery in Battambang

Sammaki Gallery

Battambang's original contemporary art gallery, focused on promoting the work of local young artists. Supported by the Cambodian Children's Trust.
Winery in Battambang

Prasat Phnom Banon Winery

Midway between Battambang and Phnom Banan, in an area known for its production of chilli peppers (harvested from October to January), Cambodia’s only winery grows shiraz and cabernet sauvignon grapes to make reds, a…
Notable Building in Battambang

Colonial Buildings

Much of Battambang's special charm lies in its early-20th-century French architecture. Some of the finest colonial buildings are along the waterfront, especially along the two blocks of St 1 south of Psar Nath.
Notable Building in Battambang

Governor's Residence

The two-storey Governor's Residence, with its balconies and wooden shutters, is a handsome legacy of very early 1900s. The interior is closed but it should be possible to stroll the grounds. It was designed by an It…
Notable Building in Battambang

French-Era Train Repair Sheds

In the area around the old train station and along the tracks just south of there, you can explore a treasure trove of crumbling, French-era repair sheds, warehouses and rolling stock, evocative of times long gone. …
Buddhist Temple in Battambang

Phnom Sampeau

At the summit of this fabled limestone outcrop, 12km southwest of Battambang along NH57 (towards Pailin), a complex of temples affords gorgeous views.As you descend from the summit's golden stupa, dating from 1964, …
Buddhist Temple in Battambang

Wat Ek Phnom

Hidden behind a colourful modern pagoda and a gargantuan Buddha statue is this atmospheric, partly collapsed 11th-century temple. Wat Ek Phnom measures 52m by 49m and is surrounded by the remains of a laterite wall …
Historic Building in Battambang

Train Station

Here at Battambang's disused train station, the time on the stopped clock is always 8.02. Just along the tracks to the south, you can explore a treasure trove of derelict French-era repair sheds, warehouses and roll…
Temple in Battambang

Prasat Banan

It's a 358-stone-step climb up Phnom Banan to reach Prasat Banan, but the incredible views across surrounding countryside from the top are worth it. Udayadityavarman II, son of Suryavarman I, built Prasat Banan in t…