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Battambang Province (ខេត្តបាត់ដំបង; Bat Dambong), said by proud locals to produce Cambodia’s finest rice, sweetest coconuts and tastiest oranges (don’t bring this up in Pursat). It has a long border with Thailand and a short stretch of the Tonlé Sap shoreline.Battambang has passed from Cambodia to Thailand and back again several times over the past few centuries. Thailand ruled the area from 1794 to 1907 and again... Read More

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Half-Day Battambang City Tour and Bamboo Train Ride

STOP 1: PROVINCIAL HALL - SALAKET The historical building known as the Salaket has been used for many government functions, and is a popular spot for photographers visiting the Battambang region. The Salaket stands out as a particularly beautiful work of architecture, having been designed by the nationally famous Van Bolivian. As you stop to take pictures or simply marvel, your tour guide will tell you about the building’s rich history.STOP 2: OLD STONE BRIDGEThe “Old Stone Bridge” earned it name during the French colonial period, being the first stone river-crossing in Battambang. Since then, it has become part of a network of many different trade routes, and a commonly used meeting point for many of the local residents. This is seen by many as one of the more positive souvenirs left behind by French expansion, as it helped along the quality of Khmer medicine and trade.STOP 3: DAMBANG KRONOUNG STATUEOn a roundabout just to the east of Battambang town, you’ll see a towering, black-skinned figure adorned with gold, kneeling on the grass and staring ahead with wide, fearsome eyes. This is the statue of Dambong Kronoung, a figure in a famous Cambodian folk tale, from which the name of Battambang is derived. As you pass by this imposing sculpture, your guide will tell you the story off by heart, and explain how it has featured in other Khmer art and customs.STOP 4: BAMBOO TRAIN AND SEE THE BRICK MAKINGOur next stop will bring us to the bamboo train, which we will board as a group. This will make for a truly unique experience, and will take you through a gallery of striking natural beauty, and many further points of historical or cultural interest, which your tour guide will point out. As you travel, your tour guide will teach you about the intriguing history of the railway, and the many different groups and professions which depend on it in their day to day lives.

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Half-Day Battambang Bike Tour

Get picked up from your hotel and head over to the bike rental office in the early morning for your 4-hour tour. Start off on a small dirt road to see a blacksmith factory. Spend a few minutes having a look the activities of the blacksmiths making cutting tool like axes, hoes and knifes. After, proceed to another factory that produces sticky rice bamboo cakes. Take some time to look around watch the locals making and selling this cake. You can enjoy a taste of this delicious snack as well.Next, enter a 300 year old pagoda called Wat Samrong Khnong ( Well of shadow / killing field ) and learn a bit about Buddhist history and the Khmer Rouge from your guide. Then continue on the countryside road to see the activities of farmers who grow/harvest crops in the fields (based on the season). Spend as much as you would like to communicate and relax with locals here. After this, cross the Sangkher River to visit the famous Phrahok Fish Market. About 10 minutes later, you will reach a place known as the rice paper villages. Here, you can take a break and enjoy delicious snacks such as fresh and deep-fried spring rolls. Have a look at how rice paper is produced while relaxing.After this, move on to the banana chip villages. Take about 10 or 15 minutes to watch and learn how to make this dried banana treat, from a family who works together with their children to produce it. Then you can sample this delicious snack. The last stop will be to a rice wine factory. Learn about the rice whiskey production process which uses interesting ingredients such as curry, rice hush, broken rice and rice grain. When all the activities are complete, you will head back to the bike shop and then to your hotel.

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Ultimate Cambodian Adventure

No matter where you travel in Cambodia, the past is always present. History, both ancient and modern, is everywhere here; whether you’re cycling in the shadows of the mighty Angkor Wat, wandering the streets of cosmopolitan Phnom Penh, or exploring the Irrawaddy in search of river dolphins, you can’t escape the pull of time that shaped – and continues to shape – this arresting land.