Top things to do in Anlong Veng

Cambodian in Anlong Veng

Monorom Restaurant

Attached to the hotel of the same name, Monorom dishes up a small but tasty selection of typical fried vegetable and meat dishes and breakfast noodle soups. It's pretty much the only place in town with an English me…
Thai in Anlong Veng

Som O

This new, open-air Thai place is a hit, with excellent noodle soups, rice dishes and iced coffee. Picture menus posted above the kitchen are helpful and surprisingly accurate.
Historic Site in Anlong Veng

Pol Pot's Cremation Site

As you arrive at Choam border village, look for a sign for Pol Pot's cremation site on the east side of NH67 (it's 50m south of and opposite the Sangam Casino entrance). His ashes lie under a rusted roof surrounded …
Monument in Anlong Veng

Ta Mok’s Grave

Ta Mok’s Angkorian-style mausoleum was built by a rich grandson in 2009. The cement tomb of the Khmer Rouge military enforcer bears no name or inscription. Locals come here to light incense and, in a bizarre local t…
Lake in Anlong Veng

Ta Mok's Lake

Swampy Ta Mok’s Lake was created on Brother Number Five’s orders, but the water killed all the trees; their skeletons are a fitting monument to the devastation he and his movement left behind. In the middle of the l…
Monument in Anlong Veng

Khmer Rouge–era Statues

About 2km before the Choam frontier the road splits to avoid a house-sized boulder. A group of statues hewn entirely from the boulder by the Khmer Rouge can be seen, and have been preserved as a shrine. The statues …
Historic Site in Anlong Veng

Ta Mok’s House

On a peaceful lakeside site, Ta Mok's house is a spartan structure with a bunker in the basement, five childish wall murals downstairs (one of Angkor Wat, four of Prasat Preah Vihear) and three more murals upstairs,…
Historic Site in Anlong Veng

Pol Pot's House

Surrounded by a cinder-block wall, the late Khmer Rouge dictator's jungle hideout has been comprehensively looted, though you can still see a low brick building whose courtyard hides an underground bunker.It's about…
Viewpoint in Anlong Veng

Peuy Ta Mok

For spectacular views of Cambodia's northern plains head up to Peuy Ta Mok (Ta Mok's Cliff). The access road is behind the ramshackle smugglers' market, at the Choam–Chong Sa-Ngam border crossing. The dirt road, wit…
Historic Site in Anlong Veng

Khieu Samphan's House

Former Khmer Rouge leader Khieu Samphan’s house is one of the most difficult sites to get to in the Dangrek Mountains area and many local moto drivers don't know the route. It's buried in the jungle on the bank of a…