Cabo Verde in detail


  • Bargaining Not expected in most cases in Cabo Verde, except when purchasing handicrafts from West African (usually Senegalese) vendors.
  • Begging Best not to give anything (money, sweets, pens) to children as this only creates greater harm to the society. If you want to help, donate to schools and community projects in need.
  • Greetings Men shake hands upon meeting. Women greet one another – and men greet women – by giving a kiss on each cheek.
  • Hissing It's common for people to give a 'ssss' to get your attention. This is not meant to be rude, so don't take offence.
  • Photographs Ask permission before taking pictures.
  • Water usage Water is a precious resource on the islands (and scarce in many places). Conserve water at all times.