São Filipe attractions

Gallery in São Filipe

Dja'r Fogo

A must-stop for visitors interested in history, culture and coffee, Dja'r Fogo is run by a local artist who splits his time between Lisbon, Paris and Fogo. It serves as art gallery, cafe, information point and launc…
Museum in São Filipe

Museu Municipal

Pop into this airy colonial mansion with two floors of exhibits, showcasing old photographs, traditional music instruments, sewing machines and sundry items. You can watch the 28-minute film about the 1995 volcano e…
Museum in São Filipe

Casa da Memoria

Set in an 1820s house, this delightful little cultural space illustrates what life was like in Fogo over the past two centuries, via a collection of ceramics, photographs, decorative objects and household items. The…
Beach in São Filipe

Baía da Salinas

Join the locals at the lovely Baía da Salinas. Protected by strange volcanic rock formations, the beach is 19km to the north of São Filipe on the route to Mosteiros.