Cabo Verde in detail

Getting Around


TACV ( serves seven of the nine inhabited islands of Cabo Verde, except Brava and Santo Antão. You can purchase tickets at travel agents or online, and it's wise to book in advance as flights can fill up in peak season.

Inter-island flights are generally not expensive. Sample one-way fares with tax include the following:

FlightCost (CVE)Time (minutes)Frequency
Praia to São Vicente5100-8600551-2 daily
Praia to Maio4500-5100202 weekly
São Vicente to Sal5100-8600505 weekly
Sal to Boa Vista4300-5500305 weekly

Newly launched at time of research, Binter Canarias ( offers inter-island flights around Cabo Verde. Early plans were to connect Santiago, São Vicente and Sal, though eventually the airline intends to fly to all seven islands that have operational airports.


Provided you're in good shape to handle the steep inclines, Cabo Verde's islands are a great place to bicycle around. Few visitors travel this way, however. It's inconvenient to have to pack up your bike as you fly between the different islands, and smaller planes may also refuse to take your bike.


The only reliable scheduled ferry services in Cabo Verde are between Praia, Brava and Fogo; Praia and Maio; and Mindelo (São Vicente) and Santo Antão. There's less frequent service (twice monthly) from Praia to São Vicente via São Nicolau.

Seas can be rough and the crossings rocky, especially during winter months.

There are cafes on board the bigger boats, but it's always a good idea to bring a reserve of water and snacks.


There are no standard bus services in Cabo Verde.

Car & Motorcycle

You can rent cars on many Cabo Verdean islands, but the only three that make the expense worth it are Santiago, Boa Vista and possibly Fogo. Cars cost from CVE5000 per day, including tax and insurance. As tourism grows, international car-rental agencies are setting up shop. Check at airports upon arrival.

Consider a 4WD, especially on Boa Vista, as conditions are rough once you get off the few main roads.

Small motorbikes and quad bikes are available for hire in some places, including on Sal.


Hitching is never entirely safe, and we don’t recommend it. Travellers who hitch should understand that they are taking a small but potentially serious risk. It's inadvisable for solo female travellers to hitch a ride.

That said, it's not uncommon to flag down a ride on nearly any island. Always offer payment, though it may not always be accepted (the going rate is the aluguer (minibus) price, which is usually less than CVE300).


Ranging from comfortable vans to pick-up trucks with narrow wooden benches, minibuses – known as colectivos or aluguers – provide connections between even relatively small towns on most islands Cabo Verde. They pick up people at unmarked points around town, set off when they're more or less full, and drop passengers off anywhere on the way, on request.


Taxis are generally plentiful in Cabo Verde, with round-town fares rarely topping CVE300. Airport runs and excursions are more costly.