Cabo Verde in detail


The main draws in Cabo Verde are windsurfing, kitesurfing, scuba diving and deep-sea fishing on Sal and Boa Vista.

There is trekking in the mountains of São Nicolau, Brava, Fogo and especially Santo Antão. Conditions are generally good throughout the year, though things can get treacherous during the rainiest months of July to September.


Diving in Cabo Verde is well known for the diversity of species that can be seen, plus a few wrecks; dolphins, whales, sharks and rays are all occasionally seen. Because of currents, not all sites are suitable for beginners or inexperienced divers. The best months are from March to November; Sal and Boa Vista are the best-organised places in which to dive.

Water Sports

Windsurfing and kiteboarding conditions are among the best in the world on Sal, Boa Vista and lesser-known Maio. Ponta Preta on Sal is a world-famous break. The best months are between mid-November and mid-May (particularly January to March, when winds are strong and constant).

Surfing is growing in popularity on Sal and Santiago, though the waves are inconsistent.