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Life here isn't just about macho tectonic movements, though: São Filipe is easily one of the most attractive towns in the archipelago and can be used as a base for great hikes and pretty drives around the island's eastern side to the small town of Mosteiros, past terraced hillsides yielding mild Arabica coffee.

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$251.39 Private & Custom Tours

Lagoa do Fogo (Full day) for 1 to 3 people (private tour)

Begining by picking you up at your lodging place or other designated pick up point, we start by climbing to Lagoa do Fogo crater. Reaching the top you will be able to grasp this Nature Reserve Landscape and after we will hike down to the lake shore. After this visit we will head to Caldeira Velha Natural Monument and visit its waterfall and interpretaion centre. There is an entry fee that is included on your tour price. The fee to use the hot spring pools is not included in your tour price, those who wish to bath in the hot pools will need to pay the difference between the entry fee and the bath option fee and bring their swimsuits and towels. Next stop is the Salto do Cabrito waterfall and after that Ribeira Grande city centre. In Ribeira Grande you can choose any of the local restaurants or other lunch options available. Meals are not included in your tour price. Following Ribeira Grande we head to Caldeiras da Ribeira Grande and next on to Lombadas. Heading to the south side of the island there will be a stop at Lagoa do Congro with a small 30 minute hike. Vila Franca do Campo is the next stop and after that we will drive along the coastline to the port of Caloura. We will head back to your lodging after this stop.

$168.51 Day Trips & Excursions

Lenas Tours 2

 1 option, Sete Cidades (west of the island):- Viewpoint Pico do Carvão,- Coal Aqueduct (Aqueduto do Carvão),- Lagoon of the Empadadas, - Lagoon of the Canario,- Viewpoint of the Boca do Inferno,- Viewpoint View of the King,- Viewpoint Cerrado das Freiras,- Viewpoint of the Lagoa de Santiago, - Seven Cities, - 12.00 Possibility to visit restaurant (buffet) with local food (+12 € per person, reservations in advance),- Viewpoint of Lomba do Vasco, - Viewpoint of Ponta do Escalvado,- Beach of Mosteiros,- Ponta dos Mosteiros,- Natural pools "Caneiros",- Ponta da Ferraria.In the price is not included: restaurant. 2 option, Lagoa do Fogo (central part of the island):- Barrosa viewpoint,- Viewpoint Lagoa do Fogo,- Viewpoint of Bela Vista,- Caldeira Velha,   a) + 2 € entrance per person, without bath,   b) + 8 € entrance per person, with bathing in the hot springs,- Waterfall of Salto do Cabrito,- stop at local restaurant (reservations in advance),- Vale das Lombadas,- Lagoa do Congro,- Hermitage of Our Lady of Peace (Ermida de Nossa Senhora da Paz).In the price is not included: restaurant, entrance to the Caldeira Velha. 3 option, Furnas: - Terra Nostra Park (+ 8 € entrance per person),- 12.15 Smoke from the Lagoa das Furnas (+ 2 € entrance per person, see how it is taken Cuzido das Furnas, from the boilers), - 13.00 restaurant with Cuzido das Furnas (+ 20 € for 2 people, reservations in advance),- Volcanic Boilers,- Viewpoint Pico do Ferro,- Factory of Cha Gorreana,- Viewpoint of Santa Iria.In the price is not included: restaurant, entrance to the Terra Nostra Park, entrance to the Smoke from the Lagoa das Furnas.4 option, Nordeste:- Natural Park of Ribeira dos Caldeirões,- Viewpoint of Boca da Ribeira,- Northeast,- Viewpoint of the View of the Boats,- Garden of the Viewpoint of Ponta do Sossego,- Viewpoint da Ponta da Madrugada,- Water Retort Mirador,- Pico Longo viewpoint,- stop at local restaurant (reservations in advance), - Povoação,- take a shower at your choice:a) Pool of Dona Beija (+ 6 € entrance per person),b) Fogo beach (Ribeira Quente). In the price is not included: restaurant, entrance to the Pool of Dona Beija. It is advisable to bring bathing and waterproof thin coat. Possible change in prices of visited places and restaurants.