Cabo Verde Escudo (CVE)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than CVE4500

  • Simple guesthouse room: CVE3600
  • Lunchtime special: CVE450
  • Coffee: CVE80
  • Local aluguer (minibus) ride: CVE100

Midrange: CVE4500-CVE10,000

  • Comfortable hotel room: CVE6200
  • Two-course dinner at mid-range restaurant: CVE1200
  • Beer in bar: CVE150
  • Short taxi ride: CVE180

Top end: More than CVE10,000

  • Luxury hotel room: CVE10,500
  • Two-course dinner at top restaurant: CVE2000
  • Glass of wine: CVE400
  • Car and driver: CVE8000


Unlike in other parts of Africa, heavy bargaining is not expected in Cabo Verde. The exception is when purchasing handicrafts, when there is some expectation of gentle haggling.


There are several banks with ATMs around the plaza.