Airport in Bujumbura

Bujumbura International Airport

Bujumbura International Airport is located about 11km north of the city centre. Thanks to the protracted war, very few international airlines still serve Burundi, and Air Burundi itself, the national airline, has su…
Bus in Bujumbura

Volcano Express

The best, and most frequent, service to Rwanda. It has a booking office in town but buses depart from the Siyoni bus station.
Bus in Bujumbura

Kampala Coach

Has a comfortable Wednesday and Saturday service to Kigali.
Bus in Bujumbura

Yahoo Car Express

A couple of buses a day to Rwanda (Kigali and Huye).
Bus in Bujumbura

Horizon Coaches

Has frequent services to Kigali.
Airline in Bujumbura


Bus in Bujumbura

Central Ville Bus Station

Taxi in Bujumbura


Airline in Bujumbura

Kenya Airways