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Top things to do

Top ChoiceBeach in Bujumbura

Saga Beach

Saga Beach

Bujumbura’s Lake Tanganyika beaches are some of the best urban beaches of any landlocked country in Africa. The sand, though not exactly pristine white and clean, is still an inviting place to drop a towel, the...

Top ChoiceFrench in Bujumbura

Le Jardin Gourmand

This tucked away courtyard restaurant is a mainstay of the French expat scene. The menu ranges far from Burundi (and France) and takes in curries, brochettes, pasta, steaks, salads and what some say are the...

Top ChoiceCultural Centre in Bujumbura

Institut Français Burundi

As is pretty much standard with French cultural institutes the world over, this one hosts a diverse and exciting array of cultural events which take in everything from art-house films to exhibitions and food...

Top ChoiceBar in Bujumbura

Bora Bora

This place, with its whitewashed weatherboards, palm-studded beach, blue-and-white nautical-inspired decor and a huge terrace-fronted villa, is where Burundi tries (quite succesfully) to be Ibiza. The big draw is...

Top ChoiceBakery in Bujumbura

Le Café Gourmand

This might well be the most authentically French patisserie we've ever encountered in eastern Africa. The delicate little strawberry and lemon tarts are miniature works of art and the croissants have just the...

Waterfall in Chutes de la Karera

Chutes de la Karera

The Chutes de la Karera is the collective name for the four beautiful waterfalls near Rutana. The prettiest is the cascade Nyakai I where you park your car. Upstream from this is the smallest of the four falls,...

National Park in Around Bujumbura

Parc National de la Rusizi

This is the most accessible, and popular, national park, as Bujumbura is just 15km away. It's a wetland environment, and provides a habitat for hippos, sitatungas (aquatic antelopes) and a wide variety of birds.

Zoo in Bujumbura

Musée Vivant

This small zoo won't win the approval of animal rights activists. In fact, it probably won't win approval from many people at all. Currently it houses a chimp, a leopard, several crocodiles, various snakes and...

Historic Site in Bujumbura

La Pierre de Livingstone et Stanley

This large rock allegedly marks the spot where the infamous 'Dr Livingstone, I presume?' encounter between Livingstone and Stanley took place on 25 November 1871 (Ujiji in Tanzania has a much better claim to...

Spring in Source du Nil

Source du Nil

Source du Nil

Vying with another small spring in Nyungwe Forest National Park in Rwanda for title of the source of the Nile (the truth of the matter is that there's no one source), this insignificant-looking little spring at...

National Park in Around Bujumbura

Parc National de la Kibira

The largest rainforest in Burundi is contiguous with Nyungwe National Park in Rwanda, and is believed to still be home to hundreds of colobus monkeys. There are also a number of chimpanzees present (although...

Museum in Gitega

Musée National de Gitega

The Musée National de Gitega, although unlikely to enthrall you, is the best museum Burundi has to offer. The one-room hall has a dusty collection of traditional household items including cow-horn snuffboxes,...

National Park in Around Bujumbura

Parc National de la Ruvubu

In the east of the country, Parc National de la Ruvubu, is the largest, and least visited, national park in Burundi, although the recent creation of some camping areas in the park might lead to higher visitor...

Bar in Bujumbura

Saga Beach Resort

Locals come from far and wide to relax with a Primus beer and munch on the tasty brochettes that are served at this large beachfront bar. By 11pm the families have departed as the whole complex rocks on as a club...

Market in Bujumbura

Central Market

This covered market is the largest in Burundi and is an interesting place to poke around in, with its maze-like corridors and closet-sized stalls. The market is organised into sections, from the colourful fresh...

French in Bujumbura


Located in the Hotel Botanika, this excellent restaurant offers delightful dining under the bougainvillea-coloured courtyard trestles. The food is a fusion of modern French and Moroccan with African accents and...

Bar in Bujumbura

Havana Club

Out the front is the trendy Balneo Lounge Bar with comfy leather chairs, mood lighting and private nooks. The Havana Club itself is out back and is one of the city’s most popular nightspots, drawing a mixed crowd...

French in Bujumbura


Funky art and garden fountains make this new Belgian-run restaurant a rising star among Buju's elite. The food is a mixture of French classics with tropical tints such as yam and manioc chips accompanying your...

International in Bujumbura

Kibiko Grill

Slap on some insect repellent and head here for tasty brochettes (kebabs), excellent pizza (half price on Tuesdays and Thursdays) and fresh fish straight from the lake. Kibiko Grill is inside the Hôtel Ubuntu...

French in Bujumbura

Chez André

Housed in a huge villa on the eastern extreme of Chaussée Prince Rwagasore, this French-inspired institution is one of the best restaurants in the city, with a white-tablecloth atmosphere and old-fashioned French...