Immigration in Bujumbura

Bureau de l'Immigration

Visa extensions are fairly straightforward although at first glance it seems all hell is breaking loose when you spot the disorderly queues at the Bureau de l’immigration. Besides your passport, you need a photocopy…
Internet in Bujumbura

Alpha Cyber

This cheapie is tucked down an alley next to its upmarket competitor, Tropicana Net Cafe. It’s four times cheaper than Tropicana, but unlike Tropicana, lacks the technology to transfer photos from camera to CD.
Bank in Bujumbura


The ATM at this central bank is probably the best behaved when it comes to accepting foreign Visa cards.
Bank in Bujumbura

Interbank Burundi

Has several branches around town and represents Western Union if you need an urgent transfer.
Tourist Information in Bujumbura

Office National du Tourisme

Not many tourists in Burundi equals not much information in the tourist office.
Police in Bujumbura


Direct line to the police, but don't expect much help from them.
in Bujumbura


Reliable airline ticketing office.
Bank in Bujumbura

Banque du Crédit de Bujumbura

Offers credit card cash advances.
Post in Bujumbura

Main Post Office

Embassy in Bujumbura

Belgian Embassy