Burundi in detail


Les Tambourinaires Drummers

Les Tambourinaires du Burundi are the country’s most famous troupe and have performed in cities such as Berlin and New York. The troupe's recitals are a high-adrenaline mix of drumming and dancing that drowns the audience in waves of sound and movement. Unfortunately, without a national theatre or any other such venue, you’ll have to be content with a smaller beachside performance or an impromptu practice session.

From around 4.30pm on Sundays, drummers run through a series of routines at Saga Beach Resort on Saga beach. There is no charge, but tips are appreciated and you’ll be charged (BFr5000) if you take photos.

Occasionally you will also find Les Tambourinaires drummers practicing at the Office National du Tourisme (usually between 3pm and 4pm on Fridays) or sometimes at the Musée Vivant, but once they notice a tourist snooping around, they’ll only continue playing for a cash incentive.