Bujumbura in detail


Dangers & Annoyances

It is generally safe to wander about on foot during the day, though the streets empty at night – it is imperative to use a taxi or private vehicle once the sun goes down. Street crime is fairly common in Bujumbura, and foreigners are especially vulnerable given their perceived wealth. It’s best to leave your camera behind any time you go out as locals often don’t care to be photographed and les petits bandits have sticky fingers.

Emergency & Important Numbers

The official emergency number for police is 17, though it’s unlikely anyone will answer should you call. It’s best to make contact with your embassy in the event of an emergency. If your country doesn’t have an embassy in Burundi, then the French or Belguim embassies are your best bets.

Police Direct line to the police, but don't expect much help from them.

Internet Access

Bujumbura has a healthy sprinkling of internet cafes and provided there isn’t a power outage, you’ll have no trouble getting a good connection. Many cafes offer free wi-fi as do pretty much all but the absolute cheapest, grottiest hotels.

Tropicana Net Cafe The swankiest internet cafe in town (per hr BFr3000) – it's a cafe as well.


Banque du Crédit de Bujumbura Offers credit card cash advances.

CRDB The ATM at this central bank is probably the best behaved when it comes to accepting foreign Visa cards.

Interbank Burundi Has several branches around town and represents Western Union if you need an urgent transfer.


Tourist Information

Office National du Tourisme Not many tourists in Burundi equals not much information in the tourist office.