Mosque in Bobo-Dioulasso

Grande Mosquée

Grande Mosquée

Built in 1893, this mosque is an outstanding example of Sahel-style mud architecture, with conical towers and wooden struts (which both support the structure and act as scaffolding during replastering efforts)....

Market in Bobo-Dioulasso

Grand Marché

Bobo-Dioulasso's centrepiece, the expansive Grand Marché, is hugely enjoyable and atmospheric, and a wonderful (and largely hassle-free) place to experience a typical African city market. The market spills over...

Area in Bobo-Dioulasso


Bobo's historical centre is a thriving neighbourhood. Little has changed over the centuries in terms of organisation: Muslims, griots (traditional musicians, storytellers or praise singers), blacksmiths and...

Nature Reserve in Bobo-Dioulasso

Forêt de Kou

The 115-hectare Forêt de Kou is an unexpected gem: the reserve includes three completely different ecosystems – tropical rainforest, teak plantation and wooded savannah – that visitors can explore through a small...

Village in Bobo-Dioulasso


Perched on the hillside, Koro's houses – built amid rock formations – are unique in the area, and there are fine panoramic views over the countryside from the top of the village. Koro is 13km east of Bobo, off...

Village in Bobo-Dioulasso


The village of Koumi, on the Bobo–Orodara road (6km south of Kou), is well-known for its ochre-coloured adobe houses. Villagers run informative guided tours (CFA1000) touching on animist beliefs, architecture and...

Museum in Bobo-Dioulasso

Musée Communal Sogossira Sanon

A small museum that showcases masks, statues and ceremonial dress from all over Burkina Faso. There are full-scale examples of traditional buildings inside the grounds.