West African franc (CFA)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than CFA14,000

  • Hotel room: CFA10,000
  • Riz sauce (rice with sauce) in a maquis (rustic restaurant): CFA1000
  • Bottle of Brakina beer: CFA650
  • Shared taxi ride: CFA300

Midrange: CFA30,000-40,000

  • Hotel room: CFA15,000
  • Pizza: CFA4000
  • Drink in a bar: CFA1500
  • Moped rental, per day: CFA5000

Top end: More than CFA40,000

  • Hotel room: CFA30,000
  • Two-course meal: CFA9000
  • Glass of wine: CFA3000
  • 4WD with driver, per day: CFA60,000


Everyone bargains for goods in Burkina Faso, and you'll be expected to, especially at local markets. It's best if you have a starting price in mind, and work up from that – the seller will always start with a higher price than he or she expects to get, and eventually you'll meet somewhere in between.


There are numerous banks around town, most with ATM.

Banque Atlantique

Biciab Efficient exchange office with a Biciab ATM (Visa only). There are also two other Bicicab ATMs in the centre, at Ave Yennenga and Ave Loudun.