West African franc (CFA)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than CFA14,000

  • Hotel room: CFA10,000
  • Riz sauce (rice with sauce) in a maquis (rustic restaurant): CFA1000
  • Bottle of Brakina beer: CFA650
  • Shared taxi ride: CFA300

Midrange: CFA30,000-40,000

  • Hotel room: CFA15,000
  • Pizza: CFA4000
  • Drink in a bar: CFA1500
  • Moped rental, per day: CFA5000

Top end: More than CFA40,000

  • Hotel room: CFA30,000
  • Two-course meal: CFA9000
  • Glass of wine: CFA3000
  • 4WD with driver, per day: CFA60,000


Everyone bargains for goods in Burkina Faso, and you'll be expected to, especially at local markets. It's best if you have a starting price in mind, and work up from that – the seller will always start with a higher price than he or she expects to get, and eventually you'll meet somewhere in between.


Most banks are in the centre, and have ATMs.

Banque Atlantique

BIB Bank