Museum in Vratsa

Historical Museum

This regional historical museum traces the history of the town and surrounding area from Thracian and Roman times through to the 19th century. The pride of the collection is the Rogozen Treasure, a collection of...

Cave in Vratsa

Ledenika Cave

The 'ice' cave, as its Bulgarian name translates to, is 16km west of Vratsa, within the Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park. It's sheathed in ice for much of the winter, but thaws in summer, when visitors on guided...

Bulgarian in Vratsa


A good choice for dinner, this is arguably the best restaurant in the centre. The little garden lies behind an unpromising street and feels like an oasis. There's a nice list of rakia (Bulgaria brandy) and wine,...

National Park in Vratsa

Vrachanski Balkan Nature Park

Numerous species of birds, 700 types of trees and about 500 caves distinguish this nature park of 288 sq km, southwest of Vratsa. Although some of the rocky outcroppings are fragile, they’re still open to rock...

International in Vratsa

Trakiiska Printsesa

On Vratsa's main pedestrian street, this is a pleasant place for a coffee or a variety of light meals. Salads, risottos, fish and pasta dishes are served. The chicken fettuccine is very good.