Vratsa in detail

Flights & getting there


The bus station is 200m east of the train station. Buses travel hourly to/from Sofia (10 lv, two hours) and even more frequently between 6am and 9am. One or two buses daily serve Pleven (10 lv, 2½ hours) and three or four to Vidin (13 lv, 2½ hours).


Services from the oversized train station include Sofia (8 lv, two hours, five daily), Montana (3.60 lv, one hour, six daily) and Vidin (10 lv, three hours, four daily); the latter passes through Gara Oreshets, from where you can get a taxi to Belogradchik.

For more distant destinations, connect to nearby Mezdra train station, 20 minutes to the south, and change there. From Mezra four daily trains serve northern Bulgarian destinations such as Pleven (6.50 lv, one to two hours), Ruse (15.30 lv, four hours) and Varna 20 lv, six to nine hours).