Top Choice Fortress in Veliko Târnovo

Tsarevets Fortress

The inescapable symbol of Veliko Târnovo, this reconstructed fortress dominates the skyline and is one of Bulgaria’s most beloved monuments. The former seat of the medieval tsars, it boasts the remains of more than …
Museum in Veliko Târnovo

Sarafkina Kâshta

Built for a wealthy banker in 1861, this National Revival–style house-museum spans five storeys (when viewed from the river). Within, 19th-century earrings, bracelets and other delicate silverware are on display, al…
Church in Veliko Târnovo

Forty Martyrs Church

The Forty Martyrs Church, in the old Asenova quarter, was built in 1230 to celebrate Tsar Asen II’s victory over the Byzantines. It was used as a royal mausoleum and then as a mosque by the Turks, before its reuse a…
Museum in Veliko Târnovo

Museum of National Revival & Constituent Assembly

Within a former Turkish town hall built in 1872, this is where Bulgaria’s first National Assembly was held to write the country’s first constitution in 1879. The ground floor charts administrative and daily life in …
Museum in Veliko Târnovo

Multimedia Visitors Centre

Eerily lifelike wax figures of medieval characters are the main attraction of this museum en route to Tsarevets Fortress. Between waxy visages of peasants and kings, multimedia panels give multilingual rundowns of V…
Gallery in Veliko Târnovo

State Art Museum

Named for an early 20th-century Veliko Târnovo artist, this gallery is housed in a grand neoclassical building near the Asen Monument, in a tight bend of the Yantra River. Spread across two floors, displays comprise…
Church in Veliko Târnovo

Church of Sveti Georgi

This church, probably built in 1612 on medieval church ruins, was destroyed by Ottoman invaders, but restored during their rule in the early 18th century. It boasts impressive murals inside. The Tsarevets Fortress t…
Museum in Veliko Târnovo

Veliko Târnovo Archaeological Museum

Housed in a grand old building with a courtyard full of Roman sculptures, the museum contains Roman artefacts and medieval Bulgarian exhibits, including a huge mural of the tsars, plus some ancient gold from nearby …
Church in Veliko Târnovo

Church of Sveta Bogoroditsa

Faded frescoes are the principal draw at the Church of Sveta Bogoroditsa, the town’s main cathedral. Located just off ul Ivan Vazov, the church’s large green neo-Byzantine domes distinguish it on the old town’s skyl…
Church in Veliko Târnovo

Church of Sveti Petar & Pavel

North of Tsarevets Fortress and the Forty Martyrs Church, this sturdy little church mingles elements of Byzantine and classic Bulgarian styles and houses fragments of murals from the 13th to 17th centuries.