Bus Station in Hisar

Bus Station

From Hisar's main bus station, services reach Pleven (20 lv, five hours, one daily) via Lovech (18 lv, four hours), and Plovdiv's northern bus station (3.50 lv, 50 minutes, one daily).
Bus Station in Veliko Târnovo

Hotel Etar Bus Station

Hourly buses to Sofia (20 lv, three hours) and Varna (20 lv, four hours) begin at these central bus stops and ticket agencies, just south of the tourist information centre.
Bus Station in Troyan

Bus Station

Troyan's bus station is a 350m walk south from pl Vûzhrazhdane. The Neshev ( bus ticket office closes at 6pm.
Bus Station in Veliko Târnovo

Zapad Bus Station

Bus services from Plovdiv and Ruse mostly arrive at Veliko Târnovo's westerly bus station, about 3km southwest of the tourist information centre.
Train Station in Hisar

Train Station

Hisar's train station has one daily direct train to Plovdiv and other connections via Dolna Mahala. For trains to Sofia, travel via Plovdiv.
Bus Station in Veliko Târnovo

Yug Bus Station

Veliko Târnovo's southerly bus station, where most services from Sofia and Varna arrive. It's 700m south of the tourist information centre.
Bus Station in Sliven

Bus Station

Sliven's small bus station lies 300m south of the large Billa supermarket. It is 1km north of the train station, which is on the same road.
Train Station in Stara Zagora

Train Station

Stara Zagora’s train station is a five-minute walk south from the bus station, at the southern edge of Stantsionna Gradina park.
Bus Station in Kazanlâk

Bus Station

The busy bus station in Kazanlâk has connections to Sofia, Plovdiv and Gabrovo via Shipka, among other routes.
Train Station in Veliko Târnovo

Veliko Târnovo Train Station

Veliko Târnovo train station, 1.5km west of town, can be unhelpful with timetable and fare information.