Top Choice Bar in Veliko Târnovo


Open the nondescript door, and up the stairs you'll find the city's friendliest, most-open-minded hang-out. Tam is the place to feel the pulse of VT's arty crowd. You might stumble on art installations, movie screen…
Bar in Veliko Târnovo

Sammy's Bar

The lofty views from this bar and beer garden are as refreshing as the selection of herb-garnished lemonades (2.80 lv). So it's no wonder that Sammy's, just off busy ul Nezavisimost, has become a trusted local haunt…
Cafe in Veliko Târnovo


Centuries of Veliko Târnovo history can be tasted in the Turkish 'sand coffee' at this characterful little cafe near the old-market neighbourhood. Most tempting of all are takeaway treats such as sticks of lokum (ro…
Cafe in Kazanlâk

Bellezza Caffe

Among a slew of identikit cafes around pl Sevtopolis, this handsome and loosely Italian-inspired cafe-bar is a favourite spot for 20-something locals, who you'll find sipping coffees, fresh fruit smoothies and cockt…
Brewery in Tryavna

Biraria Tryavna

Sup local brews by the river at this cheerful tavern, enormously popular with visitors and with a refreshing beer garden. It's close to the Starata Skola, less than 100m north of the Arch Bridge.
Cafe in Tryavna

Kafe Paraliite

Perch on a crescent-moon-shaped stool, gulp coffee from colourful Troyan pottery and nibble a meringue stuffed with hazelnuts at this friendly cafe near the clock tower.
Bar in Tryavna


Settle in beneath red lamps at a bar decorated with woodcarvings (this is Tryavna, after all) and sample cocktails with the town's hip crowd.
Cafe in Troyan

Café Antik

Sip a drink beneath wooden awnings to the rushing sounds of the river at this nicely located cafe-restaurant, behind the folk museum and overlooking the water. It's a good bet for coffee on the terrace when it’s war…
Cafe in Veliko Târnovo

Cafe Provence

Retreat from the bustle of the city's main drag into this calming cafe, where satiny chairs and distressed furnishings evoke a salon feel. Hot drinks and gateaus fit the loose French theme, with occasional Bulgarian…
Pub in Veliko Târnovo

City Pub

Few discerning travellers would admit to lounging in a British-style pub while in Bulgaria (especially not the Brits themselves). But City Pub's pop-rock soundtrack, outdoor tables and reliably lively crowd offset i…