Opera in Varna

Varna Opera Theatre

Varna's grand opera house hosts performances by the Varna Opera and Philharmonic Orchestra all year, except July and August, when some performances are staged at the Open-Air Theatre in Primorski Park.
Cinema in Varna

Kino Arena

On the top floor of the Grand Mall Varna shopping centre (right behind the main bus station).
Performing Arts in Varna

Festival Hall & Congress Centre

This big, boxy concert hall at the entrance to Primorski Park hosts the film and music festivals as well as music and dance performances throughout the year. Consult the website for the program. Buy tickets at the v…
Theatre in Varna

Open-Air Theatre

Com­plete with mock ivy-covered Roman arches, this theatre, in the central-northern part of Primorski Park, hosts everything from ballet to rock concerts. Details are available at the adjoining ticket office.