Lev/leva (singular/plural; lv)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than 70 lv

  • Dorm bed: 18–22 lv
  • Room in a simple guesthouse: 25–50 lv
  • Meals from cafeterias: 5–10 lv
  • Public transport tickets: around 1 lv

Midrange: 70–150 lv

  • Double room in a midrange hotel: 60–80 lv
  • Lunch and dinner in quality restaurants: 20–30 lv
  • Taxi from airport to centre in Sofia or Plovdiv: 15 lv

Top End: More than 150 lv

  • Double room in top-end hotel: 150–300 lv
  • Three-course meals with wine in top-end restaurants: 30–55 lv
  • Spa treatments: from 30 lv


Haggling is fairly common in markets selling furniture or antiques (where there is often 10% to 25% wiggle room on a price), but the overwhelming majority of shops and stalls sell goods at a fixed price. Bargaining over cab fares is appropriate for long, multi-stop journeys or day tours by taxi; otherwise, insist on a meter and be wary if you're told the meter is broken.


There are numerous banks with ATMs around the city centre.

Unicredit Bulbank Provides cash advances over the counter and has a 24-hour ATM that accepts major credit cards.