Top Choice Museum in Tryavna

Daskalov House

As well as faithfully representing 19th-century design styles within its walls, Daskalov House contains the fascinating Museum of Woodcarving and Icon Painting. There are magnificent examples of the Tryavna school o…
Church in Tryavna

Church of Sveti Arhangeli Mihail

Overlooking the square near the clock tower is slate-roofed St Archangel Michael, Tryavna’s oldest church. Local lore dates it to the 12th century. It was burnt down by the Turks, but rebuilt in 1819, and holds rema…
Museum in Tryavna

Angel Kânchev House-Museum

It's impossible to miss the dark wooden building with a steeply overhanging upper floor along ul Angel Kânchev. Now housing the Angel Kânchev House-Museum, the 1805 building contains exhibits about revolutionary her…
Museum in Tryavna

Museum of Icons

Housed in a former chapel, Tryavna’s Museum of Icons contains more than 160 religious icons from the erstwhile collections of famous local families. The museum is beyond the train line, and signposted from ul PR Sla…
Museum in Tryavna

Tryavna Museum School of Painting

Housed in the restored Staroto Shkolo (the town’s old school, built in 1836), the Tryavna Museum School of Painting has exemplary works by local artists.
Museum in Tryavna

Slaveikov House-Museum

The Slaveikov House-Museum is dedicated to Petko Slaveikov and his son Pencho, renowned poets who lived here for many years.
Museum in Tryavna

Museum of African and Asian Art

Take a break from 19th-century Bulgarian splendour at this museum-gallery displaying more than 200 artworks from China, India and several African countries. It's folded into a bend in the river, behind the town hall…
Church in Tryavna

Church of Sveti Georgi

At the northern end of ul Angel Kânchev, off the roundabout, stands Sveti Georgi Church (completed in 1852). A pale yellow bell tower tops its stone frame, and the church has 19th-century icons and carvings inside.
Gallery in Tryavna

Kalinchev House

Built in 1830, Kalinchev House features a courtyard cafe and exhibits works by 80 Bulgarian artists.