Top things to do

Museum in Troyan

Museum of Folk Craft & Applied Arts

One of Bulgaria's most engaging folk-art attractions, this museum displays a colourful range of traditional pottery, along with kukeri costumes, woolly masks and sequined garb designed to scare away evil spirits dur…
Cafe in Troyan

Café Antik

Sip a drink beneath wooden awnings to the rushing sounds of the river at this nicely located cafe-restaurant, behind the folk museum and overlooking the water. It's a good bet for coffee on the terrace when it’s war…
Food & Drink in Troyan

Plum Festival

Troyan's plum brandy (slivova rakia) is famed across Bulgaria. Over a week in late September, the powerful tipple is celebrated with fairs, traditional music and craft demonstrations in Troyan's main square and also…