Bus Station in Ruse

Yug Bus Station

The city's main bus station is located 2.5km south of the city centre. Most buses, including international services to Bucharest, depart from here. It's well laid out, with kiosks representing the various private bu…
Taxi in Ruse


Reliable local taxi company offers regional taxi service to attractions located in the nearby Rusenski Lom Nature Park, including to the Basarbovo Rock Monastery (30 lv return), Ivanovo Rock Monastery (40 lv) and Ch…
Bus Station in Silistra

Bus Station

Hourly buses and minibuses leave Silistra bus station for the Yug bus station in Ruse (12 lv, two hours). Buses also head to Varna (10 lv, two hours, one or two daily), Sofia (36 lv, six hours, three or four daily) …
Train Station in Ruse

Train Station

The grand but decaying train station is adjacent to the Yug bus station, about 2.5km south of the town centre. It has several daily trains to both Sofia (20 lv, six hours) and Veliko Târnovo (8 lv, two to three hour…
Bus Station in Vratsa

Bus Station

The bus station is slightly hidden from the main road, 200m east of the train station. Buses travel hourly to/from Sofia (8 lv, two hours) – more frequently between 6am and 9am. One or two buses daily serve Gabrovo,…
Bus Station in Vidin


Small bus station just beside the train station that handles minibus connections to Sofia, Pleven, Vratsa and destinations further afield, including Bucharest and Belgrade. Buy tickets at the station. Website is onl…
Train Station in Silistra

Train Station

The small train station is located about 2km southwest of the centre (follow bul Tsar Simeon Veliki south from the centre). One daily train goes to Ruse (four hours, 12 lv) and a couple slow trains to Samuil (three …
Train Station in Vratsa

Train Station

Vratsa's hulking train station feels abandoned, but five daily trains serve Sofia; six go to Montana; and four head to Vidin. The latter passes through Gara Oreshets, from where you can take a taxi (9km) to Belograd…
Train Station in Pleven

Train station

Pleven's train station is 1km due north of the central square. There are ticket windows, a waiting room, and a small shop to buy train provisions. Taxis line up outside.
Bus Station in Ruse

Iztok Bus Station

The Iztok bus station, 4km east of the centre, has infrequent buses to nearby destinations such as Ivanovo and Cherven in the Rusenski Lom Nature Park.