The Danube & Northern Plains restaurants

Top Choice Bulgarian in Ruse

Garden Restaurant

This outdoor restaurant is part of the Riga Hotel complex and features a beautiful view over the Danube, water fountains and lots of green. Choose from a long list of grilled meats and fish. The atmosphere borders o…
Top Choice Bulgarian in Silistra


This casual, modern restaurant, just off the park lining the Danube River and near to the Drustar Hotel, serves excellent Bulgarian food, including perfectly spiced veal meatballs and fresh salads. Sit inside or out…
Bulgarian in Ruse

New House

The simple, no-frills interior hints at the owners' intention: to create a foodie destination in the centre of Ruse. The menu emphasises healthy choices, mixing the best of Bulgarian dishes such as tarator (cold cuc…
Bulgarian in Ruse


Set in several rooms following an old-world mehana (tavern) theme, with a good dollop of kitsch, Chiflika features wooden benches, rugs, fleeces on the walls, and waiters in pantaloons. This is one of the few places…
Bulgarian in Belogradchik

Mislen Kamak

Magnificent views over the Belogradchik rocks make up for mediocre food at this terrace restaurant located just south of the centre. The menu features salads and grilled meats, and a long list of rakia (Bulgarian br…
Bulgarian in Vratsa


A good choice for dinner, this is arguably the best restaurant in the centre. The little garden lies behind an unpromising street and feels like an oasis. There's a nice list of rakia (Bulgaria brandy) and wine, and…
International in Ruse

Happy Bar & Grill

Don't be put off by the fast-food appearance of the exterior. This is actually a very good and well-run restaurant, with a menu that includes pizza and pasta, seafood, sushi, steaks and salads. The terrace is a fest…
Bulgarian in Silistra


Sladost is best known around town for its cakes and baked goods, but it also runs an excellent restaurant serving some of the city's best grilled fish and fish soup. It's located 700m east of the Hotel Drustar on an…
Pizza in Vidin

Classic Pizzeria

This is one of the better places to eat in town. It's big menu includes pizzas and pasta dishes, as well as grilled meats and fish. There's a handy cafe next door under the same management. Opposite the Port Authori…
Pizza in Pleven

Pizza Tempo

On the main road, east of the main square, this is an inviting place with a big menu of pizzas and pasta dishes.