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Top Choice Middle Eastern in Sveti Konstantin


Discover the best food in Sveti Konstantin, and arguably in all of greater Varna, at this beachside Lebanese restaurant and cocktail bar. The specialities are fish and barbecue, though the chef has added creative Mi…
Chateau in Sveti Konstantin

Chateau Euxinograde

Located about 2km south of Sveti Konstantin, along the main road to Varna, the 90-hectare Euxinograde complex boasts a 19th-century palace featuring elaborate period furnishings, botanical gardens with rare plants, …
Monastery in Sveti Konstantin

Sveti Konstantin & Elena Monastery

This tiny church and monastery was built in the early 18th century on the site of a holy healing spring, though it has been rebuilt and remodelled since then. The spring remains, under the communion table. The churc…
Bulgarian in Sveti Konstantin

Mehana Marina

Just north of the bus stop (look for the 'supermarket' sign), this folksy restaurant features traditional Bulgarian and German fare, so there are lots of sausages. Fish dishes are also available.