Mosque in Stara Zagora

Eski Mosque

One of Bulgaria’s oldest Muslim shrines, the cavernous interior of 15th-century Eski Mosque has splendid rococo and floral designs. Now presented as a 'Museum of Religions', a few Bulgarian-only display cases featur…
Ruins in Stara Zagora

Roman Theatre

The 3rd-century-AD Forum Augusta Trayana is well preserved and hosts summertime concerts. Just north of the park, it can be freely explored on foot.
Museum in Stara Zagora

Neolithic Dwellings Museum

This two-room museum displays the remains of an 8000-year-old Stone Age house, once 7m in height, along with interesting details on how Bulgarians from the 6th millennium BC lived. Jewellery, tools and household ite…
Museum in Stara Zagora

Geo Milev House-Museum

Set around a garden, this house-museum contains manuscripts and paintings by locally born Milev (1895–1925). After suffering injuries in WWI, including the loss of one eye, Milev wrote poetry dealing with social iss…
Brewery in Stara Zagora

World of Zagorka

Guzzle down some beer history at this brewery museum. You can peruse barley-processing equipment and a 1902 bottle, and admire photos of the good old days of brewing. Best of all, there's beer tasting at the end. It…
Ruins in Stara Zagora

Roman Mosaic

Built on the grid of an ancient Roman city, Stara Zagora has yielded some amazing discoveries. One of the most impressive is a 4th- to 5th-century geometric mosaic, visible in the basement of the main post office.
Park in Stara Zagora

Stantsionna Gradina

With its weeping willows, sculptures and pond, this small park just north of the train station is a pleasant place to linger while awaiting a train.
Park in Stara Zagora

October 5 Park

The City Garden is clean and fountained, with plenty of shady spots to relax.