Bus Station in Sofia

Central Bus Station

The modern Central Bus Station, beside the train station, is a well-organised place that handles services to most big towns in Bulgaria as well as international destinations. There are dozens of counters for individ…
Airport in Sofia

Sofia Airport

Sofia airport is located 10km east of the city centre. The airport has two terminals (1 and 2). Most flights use more modern Terminal 2, though a few budget carriers fly in and out of Terminal 1. Both terminals have…
Bus in Sofia

Trafik Market

This large parking lot in front of the Central Train Station serves as informal home to several long-distance coach companies that offer regular service to cities such as Athens, İstanbul, Bucharest, Skopje and dest…
Taxi in Sofia

OK-Supertrans Taxi

Sofia's most reliable radio taxi company maintain offices at both Sofia airport (terminals 1 and 2) and the central bus station. At the airport, order a taxi at the OK-Supertrans Taxi counter to obtain a taxi number…
Bus in Sofia

Ovcha Kupel Bus Station

This small station is located about 4km southwest of the centre and is occasionally referred to as the Zapad (West) station. Mainly handles buses headed south, eg to Bansko, Blagoevgrad and Sandanski, as well as to …
Train Station in Sofia

Central Train Station

North of the centre and easily reached by metro, this is Sofia's main rail gateway for domestic and international trains. International tickets are sold on the ground floor, while domestic ticket counters are locate…
Bus in Sofia


Matpu-96 offers regular daily service to neighbouring countries, including Turkey, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia. Sells tickets from within the Traffik Market (Serdika bus station) in front of the train station.
Bus in Sofia


Reliable long-distance bus operator links most major Bulgarian towns and many smaller ones. Operates from the Trafik Market (Serdika bus station), located in front of the Central Train Station.
Bus in Sofia


Regular long-distance coach service to neighbouring countries, as well as destinations around Europe. Operates from ticket office no 61 at Sofia's Traffik Market (Serdika bus station).
Metro in Sofia

Sofia Urban Mobility Centre

Administers Sofia's public transport network, including the metro system, trams, trolleybuses and buses. The website has information in English on routes, fares and ticketing.