Bul Vitosha is Sofia’s main shopping street, mostly featuring international brand-name boutiques interspersed with restaurants. The Ladies' Market feels like a little piece of the Middle East, with stalls selling all manner of fresh produce, meats, fish, cheeses and spices. Scattered around the city are also a few big modern shopping malls, housing international fashion chains, cinemas and supermarkets.

Gifts & Souvenirs

Artists sell paintings, mainly of traditional rural scenes, near the Mineral Baths and around pl Aleksander Nevski, where you’ll also find stalls selling reproduction religious icons, jewellery, souvenirs and embroidery. But be wary of the ‘antiques’: there are some genuine items here, but much of it’s fake, and prices are very much aimed at tourists. The underpass below pl Nezavisimost has souvenir shops selling the usual array of postcards, paintings and books.

Best Places for Shopping