If you read Bulgarian, or at least can decipher some Cyrillic, the magazine Programata is the most comprehensive source of entertainment listings; otherwise check out its excellent English-language website, www.programata.bg.

You can search for events and book tickets online at www.eventim.bg or www.ticketpro.bg.


As well as a couple of modern multiplexes, Sofia has several smaller cinemas dotted around town. Most screen recent English-language films with Bulgarian subtitles, although cartoons and children’s films are normally dubbed into Bulgarian.


Football (soccer) is Bulgaria’s main sporting passion, and Sofia alone has several teams. The main clubs are CSKA, which plays at the CSKA Stadium in Borisova Gradina, and PFC Levski, based at the Georgi Asparoukhov Stadium.

Theatre & Music

Ticket prices for theatre and live music vary enormously. For shows at the Opera House or the Ivan Vazov National Theatre, you might pay anything from 10 lv to 30 lv; shows at the National Palace of Culture (NDK) vary much more, with tickets costing from 30 lv to 80 lv for international acts and around 10 lv to 30 lv for local ones.