Museum in Smolyan

Historical Museum

Larger and much better presented than many of Bulgaria's regional museums, this multifloor exhibition space preens from a steep hill behind Smolyan's civic centre. The ground floor displays Palaeolithic artefacts an…
Cave in Smolyan

Uhlovitsa Cave

Visitors can explore 330m of passageways in Uhlovitsa Cave, 25km south of Smolyan and 3km northeast of Mogilitsa village, which fires the imagination with its rock formations and waterfalls (most spectacular in wint…
Gallery in Smolyan

Smolyan Art Gallery

This excellent gallery features 1800 paintings, sketches and sculptures by local, national and foreign artists. Especially interesting are the upper floor Rodopi realism works.
Cave in Smolyan

Golubovitsa Cave

Although not exactly replicating the voyage along the River Styx (the waterway into the Greek underworld), the journey into Golubovitsa Cave is a challenging and similarly aquatic one. Located 3km south of Uhlovitsa…
Planetarium in Smolyan


The dome of Bulgaria’s biggest planetarium, built in 1975, is the mirror image of the equally broad, navy-coloured cathedral cupola opposite. Architectural harmony aside, the planetarium offers shows (35 to 40 minut…
Cathedral in Smolyan

Cathedral of Saint Vissarion

This Orthodox cathedral is the third-largest in Bulgaria, and impossible to miss on Smolyan's main street. It's topped by a UFO-like dome, which measures 17m in diameter. Aptly, this space-age spiritual site is righ…