Silistra attractions

Top Choice Museum in Silistra

Archaeological Museum

The Archaeological Museum houses an impressive array of locally excavated Roman and Slavic artefacts, housed on two floors and helpfully signposted in English. Highlights include a rebuilt-to-scale Roman chariot (th…
Gallery in Silistra

Art Gallery

The Art Gallery is in a grand yellow-and-white Viennese-style building on the central square. Inside you can view hundreds of 19th-century and contemporary Bulgarian artworks. Some of the modern works, especially, a…
Church in Silistra

Sveti Sveti Petâr & Pavel Church

This pretty pink church was built in the 1860s and is adorned with bright modern murals. It houses relics of a 4th-century local saint, Dasius, which were stolen by medieval crusaders and were only returned to the c…