Top Choice Arts & Crafts in Veliko Târnovo

Samovodska Charshiya

Veliko Târnovo's historic quarter is a true centre of craftsmanship, with genuine blacksmiths, potters and cutlers, among other artisans, still practising their trades here. Wander the cobblestoned streets to discov…
Market in Sofia

Ladies’ Market

Stretching several blocks between ul Ekzarh Yosif and bul Slivnitsa, this is Sofia’s biggest market for fresh produce, meats, fish, cheeses and spices, with lots of Turkish items tossed into the mix. It's a great sp…
Sports & Outdoors in Sofia

Alpin Sport

Slightly out of the way, near the Akademik Stadium in the eastern Slatina neighbourhood, this shop has an excellent stock of skiing, snowboarding, camping and climbing equipment.
Books in Sofia

Open-Air Bookmarket

Dozens of bookstalls crowd this square daily. It's mostly Bulgarian novels, but there are plenty of books on Bulgarian history, culture and cuisine available in foreign languages, as well as some secondhand English …
Shopping Centre in Sofia

Mall of Sofia

Sofia's biggest and busiest shopping centre, filled with international brand-name stores and coffee bars. There’s a big supermarket in the basement, and a cinema, IMAX screen and a food court on the top floor.
Sports & Outdoors in Sofia


The best place in town to buy hiking, climbing and camping equipment, including backpacks, tents and sleeping bags.
Market in Sofia

Central Hali Market

This elegant market hall, opened in 1911, has three floors of shops and cafes. Stalls on the ground floor sell fruit, vegetables, pastries, wine and cheese. Upstairs there’s a cheap food court and more shops. The ce…
Shopping Centre in Sofia

Tsum Retail Centre

The monumental former state department store, built in 1956, is now a confusing warren of stalls selling clothing, jewellery, perfume and candies. It's eerily quiet, often seeming to have more staff than customers, …
Books in Sofia


Good range of English-language fiction plus books on Bulgaria in various languages.
Clothing in Sofia

Mirella Bratova

Stylish womens fashions designed by Sofia couturier Mirella Bratova are on display at this little shop, including knitwear, jewellery and accessories.