Rodopi Mountains restaurants

Bulgarian in Devin

Starata Varba

The 'Old Willow Tree' is a local favourite for its juicy salads, frisbee-sized omelettes and meat dishes, grilled simply with a squeeze of lemon or drowned in forest-mushroom sauce. The outdoor seating on a wooden d…
Seafood in Smolyan

Riben Dar

In the western neighbourhood of Nevyasta, this hospitable restaurant and guesthouse specialises in seafood, such as mountain trout. Riben Dar is at the top of the town, and has ravishing Rodopi views; drive or take …
Turkish in Devin

Oriental Restaurant

Within the Orpheus Spa & Resort, the Oriental serves Turkish kebabs and is decorated with the requisite couches, pillows and gauze.
Bulgarian in Chepelare

Vienski Salon

Not quite a 'Viennese salon', as the name suggests, but this unfussy spot serves everything from breakfast banitsa (cheese pastry) to Rodopi specialities such as grilled fish, through to pizza and syrupy baklava. It…
Bulgarian in Devin

Bulgarsko Selo Restaurant

Part of Spa Hotel Devin, this place does reasonably priced meat dishes and more expensive regional specialities. The folk decor is enhanced by an open oven, where you can watch the chef baking huge, crunchy slabs of…
Bulgarian in Smolyan

Starata Kâshta

The attractive National Revival–style house has a few rough-hewn outdoor tables and benches, and a menu of Bulgarian classics such as grills and cheese-strewn salads. It’s up the steps from bul Bulgaria.