Domestic & International Calls

  • To call Bulgaria from abroad, dial the international access code (which varies from country to country), add 359 (the country code for Bulgaria), the area code (minus the first zero) and then the number.
  • To make an international call from Bulgaria, dial 00 followed by the code of the country you are calling, then the local area code, minus the initial 0.
  • To make domestic calls within Bulgaria, dial the area code, which will be between 2 and 5 digits long, followed by the number you wish to call. If you are making a domestic call from your mobile phone, you will also have to insert the country code (+359) first, unless you are using a Bulgarian SIM card.
  • To call a Bulgarian mobile phone from within Bulgaria, dial the full number, including the initial 0.

Mobile Phones

Visitors from elsewhere in Europe will be able to use their mobile phones in Bulgaria. Local SIM cards are easy to buy in mobile phone stores (bring your passport) and can be used in most phones.

More Information

  • Mobile (cell) phones are as commonplace in Bulgaria as anywhere else, and many hotels, restaurants and other businesses give mobile numbers as their prime contact number.
  • Mobile telephone numbers have different codes to land lines (eg 087, 088 or 089) and are indicated by the abbreviations ‘GSM’ or ‘mob’.
  • Bulgaria has three main mobile service providers which cover most of the country: A1 (, Telenor ( and Vivacom (
  • Visitors from other European countries should be able to use their own mobile phones as usual, but check your provider's roaming rates. Travellers from outside Europe may have to purchase a Bulgarian SIM card in order to use their handsets on the Bulgarian mobile network.


Prepaid phonecards, for use in public telephones, are available from newspaper kiosks and some shops in denominations ranging from 5 lv to 25 lv. Cards for domestic or international calls can be used in public phone booths and some also accept credit cards.