Stob Pyramids Ecotrail

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in Rila Mountains

Gawp at an alien landscape of sandstone turrets along this magnificent ecotrail, which begins 5km south of Rila village. Stob's naturally formed chimneys and pyramids of ruddy sandstone, with rock clefts 40m deep, are a spectacular contrast to the village's surrounding meadows. Follow signs for the ecotrail from Stob village; there's a car park near the beginning of the trail.

Local legends state that a wedding procession passing through the valley was brought to a standstill – literally – when the best man stole a kiss from the bride: the entire wedding party was so shocked that they turned to stone. It's a colourful explanation for these naturally formed towers, sculpted by wind and snow.

The ecotrail is a little steep in places, but it is a fairly easy walk for anyone of moderate fitness. Walking to the end of the ecotrail and back takes roughly an hour. Avoid visiting in winter or during wet weather, when the trail is more challenging and very muddy. You'll need your own vehicle to get here.