Top things to do

Bulgarian in Pomorie

Restaurant Tsarevets

One of the better options in town, near the Preobrazhenie Gospodne Church on the extreme southeastern end of the peninsula, offering grilled pork, chicken and fish dishes. The back terrace looks out onto the beach o…
Monastery in Pomorie

Monastery of Sveti Georgi the Victorious

Sveti Georgi Monastery, built in 1856, is a small complex set in pretty gardens with a quaint, icon-filled church and a bell tower covered in saintly frescoes. According to legend, the monastery occupies the site of…
Nature Reserve in Pomorie

Pomorie Lake Visitor Centre

This interactive visitor centre provides information on bird- and species-conservation efforts on Pomorie Lake undertaken by the NGO Green Balkans. From the terrace, visitors can see the main breeding colonies (with…
Museum in Pomorie

Salt Museum

Pomorie Lake has been an important source of salt, via salt panning, through the ages. Visitors learn the techniques of panning as well as the history of salt extraction. The museum is located next to the Pomorie La…
Church in Pomorie

Preobrazhenie Gospodne Church

This most atmospheric of the town's churches is located in the oldest part of the settlement, on the far eastern end of the outcropping. The church dates from 1765.