Top Choice Bulgarian in Plovdiv

Hebros Restaurant

Genteel service and a tranquil setting is exactly what you would expect from the restaurant of the boutique Hebros Hotel. Classic Bulgarian flavours are gently muddled with Western European influences, creating mout…
European in Plovdiv


Candlelit tables in a secluded courtyard make Memory a venue to impress, with soul and jazz tunes completing the sultry mood. Its forte is creative interpretations of Western European flavours, such as lamb with min…
International in Plovdiv


Loosely channelling the cheek and chic of 1920s Paris with a modern twist, this classy spot near the Roman Odeon whips up some of Plovdiv's best dishes from a menu that borrows the best of Italian, French and Americ…
Bulgarian in Plovdiv

Rahat Tepe

Hands down the winner when it comes to shady beer-garden dining and lively atmosphere, Rahat Tepe's meals follow a simple formula: fresh, unfussy and filling. Satch (meat and vegetables on a hot plate) are enormous;…
Italian in Plovdiv


A few steps from pl Stambolov, Gusto strikes an agreeable note between sophisticated and friendly. There are diner-style booths upstairs; punters fight for several outdoor tables downstairs on the pedestrianised str…
Bulgarian in Plovdiv

Grazhdanski Klub

A local favourite, this fabulous nook serves hefty portions of Bulgarian salads, grills and satch (meat and vegetables served on a hotplate), only a totter down the hill from the Roman Amphitheatre. Its cool, green …
International in Plovdiv

Happy Bar & Grill

Despite having the outward appearance of a Bulgarian TGI Friday's, this popular place serves impressive sushi, American-inspired caesar salads and steaks, alongside a gamut of fresh Bulgarian fare. Service is scanti…
International in Plovdiv

Restaurant Renaissance

The restaurant of the Hotel Renaissance cooks up grills, risottos and fresh fish. Kavarma (a stew of pork and veggies) is a speciality, and glides down all the easier with a splash of local wine.
Bakery in Plovdiv

Klebarnitsa Kapana

This bakery has a sociable twist, with places to perch while you tuck into oven-warm bread, fresh pastries and other goodies.
Cafe in Plovdiv


This reliable cafe is anchored in prime people-watching territory, near the foaming fountains at pl Stambolov where shoppers, lovers and gelato-lickers linger. Sandwiches, pancakes and pastries dominate its menu of …