Cultural in Plovdiv

Kapana Fest

Plovdiv's artiest neighbourhood hosts street parties, open-air musical performances and late-night carousing during this vibrant five-day festival of culture. Expect anything from conceptual art to folk costume fash…
Music in Bansko

International Jazz Festival

This enormously popular music festival, held from around 6 to 13 August, brings smouldering saxophonists and riotous jazz ensembles, both Bulgarian and international, to the heart of Bansko. Major events are held on…
Music in Smolyan

Meadows in the Mountains

This dreamy festival of live music, DJs and folkloric touches is quickly gathering acclaim for its open-minded crowd and Rodopi Mountains location.
Wine in Melnik

Golden Grapes Festival

It's hardly Bacchanalian – this is small-town Bulgaria, after all – but this annual knees-up gathers local wine producers to showcase their wares and tempt tourists with wine tastings, all set to a backdrop of singi…
Cultural in Plovdiv

Unification Day

The nationwide anniversary of Bulgaria's 1885 unification with Ottoman province Eastern Roumelia is toasted with aplomb, and festivities are especially vigorous in Plovdiv, where the historic declaration was made. E…
Art in Plovdiv

Night of the Galleries

Plovdiv's heritage mansions and venerable galleries make an especially delightful stomping ground during the Europe-wide Night of the Galleries, where museums fling open their doors until the early hours of the morn…
Performing Arts in Bansko

Summer Theatre Festival

During the first week of July, Bulgaria's biggest names in theatre come to Bansko for a celebration of the stage. Book accommodation early and check with the tourist office for a full calendar of events.
Music in Bansko

Horizon Festival

A week-long festival of live music, DJ sets and hard partying (think hot tubs, flash mobs and daredevil skiing), in between late-season snowboarding or skiing in the mountains around Bansko.
Cultural in Plovdiv

International Folklore Festival

Witness open-air Bulgarian folklore performances alongside traditional song and dance from a medley of other countries at this popular five-day festival.
Performing Arts in Plovdiv

Verdi Festival

Opera performances are held in Plovdiv's Roman amphitheatre during this two-week festival.