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Wonderful Bridges, Bachkovo Monastery, Assen's Fortress Private Day Tour from Plovdiv

Discover 3 of the most famous 100 National Tourist Landmarks of Bulgaria during this bestselling day tour from Plovdiv. Walk around the 45 m high rock bridges named the Wonderful Bridges, situated at 1450 m. a. s. l. in the heart of the mystical Rhodope Mountains. On the way visit the impressive Asen's Fortress from 13th century and the second largest Bachkovo Monastery, founded in 11th century. Afterwards, visit the main church of Virgin Mary, which was built in 1604.
6.5 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Pirin Mountain, Melnik and Rozhen Monastery Full Day Tour from Bansko

From Bansko you will visit the Roshen Monastery, the oldest and the biggest in Pirin Mountain. After that you will visit Melnik, the oldest and the smallest town in Bulgarian and the best area for wine tasting.
7 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Bansko 4x4 Tour to Melnik with Wine Tasting and Monastery

Enjoy one unforgettable day with our off-road Safari from Bansko to Melnik through Pirin Mountain.
6 hours
Day Trips & Excursions

Plovdiv day tour from Sofia

During this tour you will be able to visit the first ever European capital of culture from Bulgaria - Plovdiv, recognized as one of the oldest existing settlements in the world. You will be able to feel the spirit of the seven hills, old town, longest pedestrian street in European Union, Bohemian quarter The Trap ("Kapana") or try the local "bichene na aylyak" (traditional way of enjoying life here).Plovdiv is one of the oldest towns in Europe. It was inhabited by the Thracians, Romans, Slavs, Bulgarians, Ottomans, whose traces have turned the town into a museum. Multicultural and multi-religious settlement with own spirit. Places of special interest are the old town, revival houses and churches, Roman stadium, Roman Theatre, old mosque. You can enjoy life drinking coffee or beer in the Bohemian quarter The Trap, shopping in the main pedestrian street or walking in the city park.
9 hours
Kid Friendly

Transfer Sofia Airport to Plovdiv

Our service offers transportation from Sofia to Plovdiv with new and well maintained vehicles. Comfort and punctuality are our priorities. All of our drivers are kind and English speaking.
2 hours
Transfers & Ground Transport

Transfer from Plovdiv to Stara Zagora

We are a team of young and hard-working professional drivers who offer high quality, safe and convenient transfer services.Enjoy your journey in our brand new and luxury cars with conveniences like:Wi-FiTopBox (extra luggage option)Air conditioner in every carFree drinks
1 hour
Kid Friendly

Ancient Bulgarian warriors tour

Get ready for a time travel and adventure which you won’t forget! You’ll learn some interesting history, shoot with a bow, ride a horse, fight with swords and taste the ancient Bulgarians’ food.We are going to a place where for a few hours we’ll get to live the life of the ancient Bagaturs. Those were Bulgarian warriors in the antiquity whose name means "heavenly sword". Being similar to the knights and the samurai, the Bagaturs were heavily armed and on a horse. They were extremely well-trained warriors. Some of their contemporaries wrote that a Bagatur can be compared to 100 ordinary soldiers.In order to check all of the above, we’ll embark on a trip to the city of Stara Zagora where Aul Baga-tur is situated. Aul is an old Bulgarian word which means “temporary village/fort” of the proto-Bulgarians. *** IMPORTANT NOTICE: The 2-hour Bagatur program costs an additional 150 euro per group and is not included in the price of the tour. It's payable to our Bagatur hosts on arrival.
9 hours
Kid Friendly

Rock sanctuaries and old rituals tour

A Day Trip for Initiations in Sredna Gora Mountain: Stone Cup, Solar Slab and Egg of the DragonIf you believe in the memory of the stone, then this is your journey. Three places with unique rock configuration tell us for the ancient cult of the Great Goddess Mother. Her emanation in the Universal concept is the Earth. The ancient inhabitants unmistakably have recognized the energy points in Nature. They have shaped them in such a way as to retrieve the information from there and to contribute to the general community welfare.Come and be a part of one magical Bulgarian adventure!
8 hours
Cultural & Theme Tours

Trifon Zarezan Day in Zlatograd

Zlatograd is a lovely town in the Rhodope mountain. There we’ll see an amazing picture of almost hundred preserved and restored old-style houses which are not only a tourist attraction but the living place of many people!In the past, the town’s name was Belovidovo (belo means white in Bulgarian) - because of the glaring white houses.On the 16th of February, we’ll visit Zlatograd not only for the unique houses and architecture but because of the Zlatograd Trifoniada - an event which is happening every year in the Ethnographic estate. During the event, we will see a “best wine competition” amongst the local producers, do some free wine tasting, try some home-made traditional appetizers, party with the local dancing and folklore teams.All of the above is part of the Bulgarian celebration of Trifon Zarezan Day which is dedicated to the grape and wine producers.Come and experience the Bulgarian spirit with all your senses!
11 hours
Kid Friendly

Miraculous Water Springs Tour

Water knows how to get on the path of the least resistance. It comes from above and reaches the depths of the Lower World. It connects the elements of the Universe vertically and horizontally and is never lost. It rotates in its cycle to rise up again and carries the collected from Down. And Down are the people with their thoughts, feelings, deeds, with their passions and sins, prayers and abominations. Water remembers and leads to God.In Bulgarian folklore, the water plays an essential role to unite the Universe. It comes from the Heavens and reaches the depths of the Underground world. It is on the border between Life and Death, Order and Chaos. That is why Bulgarian water has many names – alive, holy, sunny, silver, floral, silent, spoken, moon, love, good water… because water has a memory. This tour will follow the local faith of water. Natural springs loaded with miraculous value are waiting to share their unbelievable stories.Get your bottle and come to try its power!
5 hours