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Still, this sleepy town, clasped by spruce forests, is a good base for exploring two of the Rodopi Mountains' major caves: Trigrad and Yagodina. Luxuriant spa treatments and a fragrant ecotrail provide further excuses to dawdle in Devin.

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$112.22 Walking & Biking Tours

Private Full-Day Cycling Tour in the Rhodope Mountains from Plovdiv

This is a one-day getaway that will take you away from the heat of Plovdiv to the mythical Rhodope Mountains. The region is famous for deep river gorges and fascinating rock formations. The pristine forests and vast meadows, great number of water sources some of which are hot mineral, together with the mild climate, provide great conditions for recreation. This full-day trip provides a fine combination of sightseeing, road cycling and SPA all in one.Highlights of this day tour are:Bachkovo monastery established in 1083, the second biggest monastery in BulgariaShiroka laka, a village preserving the national Revival period architecture and the musical traditions and folkloreThe curative hot mineral water springs in Devin and the Rhodope mountains.Itinerary:This tour offers a great combination of sightseeing and road cycling, ending at the hot mineral water pools in the town of Devin. The program is suitable for every person that is interested in exploring nature, but has limited time to travel around Bulgaria.Start with a pick-up transfer from the hotel, and make the first stop at the Bachkovo monastery where some more of the history and culture of the country wait to be revealed.The route passes through Shiroka laka village on the way. There will be a stop for short sightseeing to enjoy the national Revival period architectural (XIX c.) complex of houses. Lunch will be served there. The cycling then continues, descending to the town of Devin where the hot mineral water springs offer great relaxing time as a memorable end to a fine day outdoors. Follows transfer back to Plovdiv.

$343.60 Transfers & Ground Transport

Bucharest Airport Transfer to Deva - fixed price for up to 7 passengers

Deva is a city in Romania, in the historical region of Transylvania, on the left bank of the Mureș River. It is the capital of Hunedoara County. Deva is situated in the central part of Hunedoara County, on the left bank of the middle course of the Mureș River at 187 m above sea level. Its name was first recorded in 1269 as castrum  Dewa. The origin of the name gave rise to controversy. Some thought that the name is of old Turkic origin from the name Gyeücsa. Others assert that the name is probably of Slavic origin where  Deva or  Devín means "girl" or "maiden". (A similar case exists in Slovakian for the Devín Castle, located at the confluence of the Danube and Great Morava, at the site of the former town of Devín.) It is also considered that the name comes from the ancient Dacian word  dava, meaning "fortress" (as in  Pelendava,  Piroboridava, or  Zargidava). Other theories trace the name to a Roman Legion, the Legio II Augusta, transferred to Deva from Castrum Deva, now Chester ( Deva Victrix) in Britain.