Pirin Mountains restaurants

Top Choice Bulgarian in Melnik

Mehana Chavkova Kâshta

Sit beneath 500-year-old trees and watch Melnik meander past at this superb spot. Like many places in town, grilled meats and Bulgarian dishes are specialities (try the satch, a sizzling flat pan of meat and vegetab…
Top Choice Bulgarian in Blagoevgrad

Kristo Restaurant

The Kristo Hotel’s superb restaurant presents a dilemma: the terrace overlooks lovely Vavedenie Presvetiya Bogoroditsi church, but its interior is a cosy yet classy blend of brass lamps, crimson rugs and other tradi…
Top Choice Bulgarian in Bansko

Mehana Dedo Pene

This homespun eatery in a 19th-century stone building is decked out with classic Balkan trimmings such as crimson tablecloths and nostalgic crockery. It serves a predictable but thoroughly satisfying range of soups,…
Bulgarian in Bansko

Mehana Kasapinova Kâshta

This 18th-century inn, just southeast of the main square, once entertained Bulgarian revolutionaries. These days it's hungry hikers and skiers who file in for excellent barbecue. Atmospheric touches include colourfu…
Bulgarian in Melnik

Chinarite Restaurant

Midway up the main road, by the bridge, Chinarite's folk-music soundtrack and sword-like shish kebab skewers will draw you in. Its summer garden is a relaxing spot to slurp a cool tarator soup (cucumber, garlic and …
Bulgarian in Melnik

Mehana Mencheva Kâshta

This tavern has a lovely upper porch overlooking the main street down towards the end of the village. It's popular with locals and does the full run of Bulgarian dishes, with an emphasis on barbecued meats and yoghu…
Bulgarian in Bansko

Mehana Vodenitsata

A traditional Bulgarian restaurant just west of pl Vaptsarov, the Vodenitsata offers hearty portions and live music. Barbecue is a speciality, and the place is popular with locals and visitors alike. It's open irreg…
Bulgarian in Melnik

Mehana Loznitsite

The vine-covered outdoor area and snug dining hall are equally inviting at this simple tavern within a 19th-century building. Nourishing salads and grilled meats fight for table space against pickled veggies and gla…
Bulgarian in Blagoevgrad

Starata Kashta

In fine weather, sit in the shady courtyard; if it's chilly, dine beneath medieval chandeliers inside. Either way, come with a hunger for plates heaving with tomatoes and sirene cheese, generous grilled meats, and l…
Pizza in Blagoevgrad

Pizza Napoli

This swish Italian joint has a people-watching location by the main square. Its pizzas are the best choice on the menu, but Napoli also serves a range of ravioli, cannelloni and roasted meat dishes.