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Top Choice Bulgarian in Nesebâr

Gloria Mar

For our money, the best dining option in touristy Nesebâr. Fresh seafood, wood-fired pizzas and grilled meats, as well as harder-to-find risottos and paellas. There's an extensive wine list and dining on three level…
Museum in Nesebâr

Archaeological Museum

Explore the rich history of Nesebâr – formerly Mesembria – at this fine museum. Greek and Roman pottery, statues and tombstones, as well as Thracian gold jewellery and ancient anchors, are displayed here. There's al…
Church in Nesebâr

Sveti Stefan Church

Built in the 11th century and reconstructed 500 years later, this is the best-preserved church in town. If you only visit one, this is the church to choose. Its beautiful 16th- to 18th-century murals cover virtually…
Bulgarian in Nesebâr

Zlatnoto Runo

Overlooking the sea on the southeastern end of the peninsula, the ‘Golden Fleece’ serves a varied menu, including roast lamb and rabbit, plus some inventive seafood dishes, such as octopus with blueberry sauce.
Museum in Nesebâr

Ethnographic Museum

Inside a typical wooden National Revival building, constructed in 1840 for a wealthy merchant, this museum features exhibitions of folk costumes and traditional weaving.
Seafood in Nesebâr


With tiers of seating offering gorgeous sea views, and a menu crammed with splendid seafood dishes, this is the go-to place for a dinner (or lunch) to remember.
Ruins in Nesebâr

Sveta Sofia Church

The impressive ruins of this 5th-century church today form the centrepiece of a busy plaza surrounded by cafes and artists’ street stalls.
Church in Nesebâr

Christ Pantokrator Church

Typical of the characteristic Nesebâr construction is this well-preserved church, built in the mid-14th century. An unusual feature at the eastern end of the exterior of the church is the frieze of swastikas, an anc…
Church in Nesebâr

Sveta Paraskeva Church

With only one nave and one apse, the Sveta Paraskeva Church is a fine example of 13th-century architecture. The church now houses a small exhibition of murals that have survived through the ages, including some from…
Church in Nesebâr

Church of St John the Baptist

The Church of St John the Baptist was built in the 10th century and features some of the best-preserved murals from the 14th and 17th centuries. The church is built on the foundations of an earlier church from the B…