Museum in Melnik

Kordopulov House

Reportedly Bulgaria's largest Revival-era building, this whitewashed and wooden mansion beams down from a cliff face at the eastern end of Melnik's main road. Dating to 1754, the four-storey mansion was formerly the…
Museum in Melnik

Museum of Wine

Learn the history and tools of Melnik's winemaking trade; ogle 400-plus bottles of wine; and work your way through a tasting menu at this fun museum attached to the Hotel Bulgari. Tour groups occasionally dominate t…
Church in Melnik

Sveti Antoni Church

This 19th-century church, signposted from Melnik's main road, is dedicated to the patron saint of the sick. In the unenlightened past, the mentally ill would be brought here to be cured of demonic possession. Ask at…
Ruins in Melnik

Sveta Varvara Church

This 15th-century church, situated just below Kordopulov House, has retained its walls and floor. It's little more than an enigmatic ruin these days, but the faithful still leave occasional offerings such as candles…
Museum in Melnik

Historical Museum

Up a steep cobbled lane, en route to Kordopulov House, the tiny two-room Historical Museum features traditional costumes, ancient ceramics and jewellery, early 20th-century photos of Melnik, and zero English-languag…
Ruins in Melnik

Bolyaskata Kâshta

The 10th-century Bolyaskata Kâshta, one of Bulgaria’s oldest homes, is ruined except for some partially standing walls. You can peer in and enjoy great views. It's towards Kordopulov House, signposted from the main …
Ruins in Melnik

Slavova Krepost

Survey the ruined walls of this 13th-century fortress, reachable via a short, steep climb from the eastern end of Melnik's main road.
Ruins in Melnik

Turkish Baths

Admire the exterior of a Turkish bathhouse, built in the 19th century, before the Mehana Mencheva Kâshta tavern.
Ruins in Melnik

Sveti Nikolai Church

This ruined church, constructed in 1756, is accessibly by a signposted path from Melnik's main road.