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Top Choice Bulgarian in Kazanlâk


Inside this peach-coloured building, just across the river from the Thracian tomb, lies an unmissable mehana with a menu of well-executed Bulgarian classics such as meaty claypot medleys (from 5 lv) and mixed grills…
Cultural in Kazanlâk

Rose Festival

The culmination of weeks of petal picking throughout the May/June rose season is this celebration in Kazanlâk's main square: folk dancing, rose-scented produce, live music and a procession led by a 'Rose Queen'. Nea…
Museum in Kazanlâk

Kulata Ethnological Complex

Just down from Tyulbe Park and the Thracian tomb, you’ll find the appealing Kulata (Tower) district, site of the Kulata Ethnological Complex. A replica of a 19th-century one-storey peasant’s home and wooden sheds wi…
Museum in Kazanlâk

Museum of Roses

Kazanlâk's shiny Museum of Roses opened in June 2016 in Park Rozarium, 500m north of pl Sevtopolis. The museum guides visitors through the history of rose-oil production and the 300-year-old production methods that …
Bulgarian in Kazanlâk


Surrounded by farming tools and quaint sheds, this tourist favourite will delight or exasperate, depending on your threshold for folk music and agrarian miscellany. The setting is pleasant, in a grassy courtyard on …
Cafe in Kazanlâk

Bellezza Caffe

Among a slew of identikit cafes around pl Sevtopolis, this handsome and loosely Italian-inspired cafe-bar is a favourite spot for 20-something locals, who you'll find sipping coffees, fresh fruit smoothies and cockt…
Tomb in Kazanlâk

Thracian Tomb of Kazanlâk

In hilly Tyulbe Park, a 15-minute walk northeast of Kazanlâk's centre, is one of the archaeological finds of the century: a brilliantly frescoed, 4th-century-BC tomb of a Thracian ruler. Discovered in 1944 during co…
Museum in Kazanlâk

Iskra Historical Museum & Art Gallery

This museum showcases ancient finds and modern art, split across two floors. The ground floor displays extensive archaeological finds, including pottery, jewellery and tools from excavations of Thracian tombs such a…
Bakery in Kazanlâk

Banicharnitsa Violeta Asenova

Kazanlâk’s best breakfast nook is this tiny hole-in-the-wall place opposite the open market, serving a variety of flaky cheese (and other) pies from the banitsa and byurek family of Balkan pastry. Go early, as servi…
International in Kazanlâk

New York Pub & Grill

There's no risk of imagining you're in the Big Apple, but this enormously popular spot is beloved for its wide menu of pizzas and grills, and everything is fresh and high quality.