Top things to do in Kavarna

Bulgarian in Kavarna

Live Corner

This lively cafe, bar and restaurant, located along the main pedestrian street in the centre of Kavarna, serves great Bulgarian food, including excellent spicy grilled meatballs, shopska salads and all the rest. It'…
Music in Kavarna

Kavarna Rock Fest

One of the country's best and best-known rock and metal festivals.
Museum in Kavarna

History Museum

This small museum doesn't always hold to the posted hours, but if you catch it open you'll find artefacts going back to the town's Thracian, Greek and Roman past. There's information here on a cataclysmic earthquake…
Museum in Kavarna

Dobrudzha and the Sea Museum

This small exhibition on marine life, as well as some ancient coins, is situated in a restored Turkish bathhouse (hamam) going back to the 16th century. The location is 500m southeast of the centre along the road to…