Museum in Karlovo

History Museum

Arrowheads and other finds from Roman times are displayed at this two-floor regional museum, alongside agrarian implements such as tremendous urns used to infuse rose water. English-language explanation is limited, …
Mosque in Karlovo

Kursum Mosque

At the northern end of ul Vasil Levski, a small park contains the disused and closed Kursum Mosque, built in 1485 during the Ottoman occupation.
Church in Karlovo

Sveta Bogoroditsa Church

Powder-blue Sveta Bogoroditsa Church features magnificent exterior frescoes of Vasil Levski surrounded by holy company, and intricate wooden iconostases within.
Museum in Karlovo

Vasil Levski Museum

This 18th-century house is the childhood home of Bulgaria's handsomest revolutionary hero, Vasil Levski. Rooms around a pleasant cobblestoned courtyard contain exhibits about the life of Bulgaria's 'freedom apostle'…
Gallery in Karlovo

Buhalov Han

It's worth peeping inside this beautifully preserved white and navy building, a throwback to Bulgaria's Revival, now filled with handicrafts and locally made jewellery. Yes, they hope you'll buy a trinket or two, bu…
Church in Karlovo

Sveti Nikola Church

Facing the History Museum, the pale-pink bell tower of Sveti Nikola Church (1847) is a landmark for Karlovo's old town.